Welcome to The Furrr Camp!


Here you can immerse yourself into a new world of luxury pet accessories, for well-loved pooches.

Within our shop we are sharing everything with you, from our favorite pet supplies, essential new puppy supplies, to pet grooming or training tips,  and recommendations to play with the four-legged member of the family.


Probably you heard something about us, but still you are not cleared about our project. Via this web site we are taking the opportunity to introduce ourself, only for you to get to know The Furrr Camp team. By browsing in every section, you will discover us, our services and staff. But first, I would like to share with you our vision, and how everything started. As a pet lover, and owner of two furry, lovely dogs, Bella and Princess, I always wanted to offer them a closer place to our home which had the products and services, that normally I was getting by traveling especially to Europe. I found myself fascinated by the Italian market on pet care and services and by their genuine care.


With a lack of professional grooming and pet accessories on the actual market, I wanted to offer them what I was seeing outside, in places where the little pooches are treated with respect, care, and a proper attitude, places where customers are not just customers who just own dogs or cats. Businesses which are in fact small communities of people who love their furry friends, with the kind of love that you can have for a child. I was continuously searching for this feeling in Doha, but every time I was finding myself disappointed. Everything until one day, when we decided to create The Furrr Camp! project.


A special designed shop, unique in Doha, a place where we don t want to just “ make money” and call it a day, we want to built a brand. In collaboration with a team of six europeans architects we manage to successfully create the illusion of a camp, located in a appreciated area of Doha. We gave extra attention to every small detail, for example lighting or colors, everything in order to have the perfect and the most comfortable environment. Everything was done in order to achieve our goal, which is to create a community of customers and pet lovers who love us as much as we love them.