Make me beautiful

A beautiful, perfect groomed pet is priceless, but it is no secret that pets can be difficult in grooming. This is why we took time to find and to hire the best professionals staff in this job. Recruited from all over Europe, we are committed to provide a excellent service to your pet.

We will always be against sedating the pets, because any professional knows that everything stays in the skills of the groomer, and using sedatives to just groom a pet can have serious consequences on his health. We want to transform the grooming day, in which they used to go with fear, in a fun, delightful experience. Grooming means more than shaving the hair, and we want to make from grooming a visit at the beauty salon. Our pampering masters offer a wide range of services, and they will guide you to your dog or cat most beautiful style possible.

You can choose between a classic look, specific for the pet breed, or why not a crazy fury-styling, because sometimes is just about being fun and feeling fantastic! The grooming beauty salon is equipped with the latest trends in dog and cat grooming. They will always be using the products with the best quality, imported from Europe. We took time to test and decide which products deserve our attention, and now we are proud to share with you our professional shampoos, conditioners and perfumes. Everything created special for pets only and their necessities: white furrr, short or messy hair. Of course we are aware also of the bio preference you might have, and we are waiting you with a full line of bio products made in Italy. Pets can like bio too, why not?

Your furry friend will be in love with our special packages which are specially crafted to satisfy even the most naughty one. Let us pamper your loved pet and he will go out feeling like a celebrity.